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Monday, April 13, 2015
11:43:00 PM

hi 2015

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Sunday, February 12, 2012
幸福 7:18:00 AM




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Thursday, June 23, 2011
正常 3:50:00 AM

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Monday, March 21, 2011
Not perfect. 6:19:00 PM

Life doesn't perfect.
Human ourselves are not even near to good.

I know, we can't blame.
I know, we could change.

Things really goes wrong when it come to our parents.
You have your points and I have my stand.
I am being imperfect perhaps because I am too perfect to guessing others' thought ?
I could understand each side thinking until I have no my own stand.
Blame who ?
I am so tired when you are not understanding others, especially me.
After all, she is the one I call mom , can't you respect she for me?
I just don't understand they who almost half of hundred can't handle their things and need us to argue for them?
I doesn't say who right who wrong, but maybe we are too young to bother about it, don't you think so ?

Sometimes I felt I am too pressure until going to be mad, and you never will understand me.
Few times a week arguing for small things and you never will tolerate me.
I guess I am too man to be somebody girlfriend.
Don't ever ask me "why?" "What is my problem?" if you never listen and care of my thoughts.
Don't make me explain again and again and make me felt frustrated because I am not sure is it I am talking to a human.
When I am quiet doesn't mean I not care and I dint have my own feeling, just because I can understand and know what you are thinking and want to avoid things become so serious.

maybe you like things become serious, maybe ! Because by asking agian and again, keep remind me again and again doesn't solve the problem but making the problems become serious and can't returnable.

Maybe is what you love, because you done it again and again. Period.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Convocation 7:54:00 AM

Finally graduate !!! What a rush day with a huge surprise :)

To sayang,
I love the present you gave, but I just dun like the spotlight. I want be low profile...<3 you ~
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Sunday, January 16, 2011
Updates 11:31:00 PM

I wish I could provide you a complete update of me, however, I couldn't.

Life is busier then I thought (Or maybe not~) >.<

Working life is tired, especially for me.

I hardly to understand why am I still couldn't to adapt the life of working.
Example : Sleep late and woke up early in the morning.

I try so hard to have my focus back and I drink 3 cups of nescafe a day. (Maximum already la, couldn't be more d)

I love my job ?

I am not sure, but then I am hundred percent sure that I am not hating it.

Just sometime,
I am confuse with the flow of the work.

Just sometimes,
I am not patient enough to handle the tester that older than me and tolerate with it as I tolerate with my bf.

Just sometimes,
I felt I can be awarded by my company as the most free-worker. (haha..)

The same routine I keep repeated:

Woke up -> work -> lunch -> Back Home -> Dinner + watch -> sleep

How many years I need to repeat like this until I can move on to another stage ?

I need to stop live life like this, it's 2011 , a new year. I must find some target for me to achieve ~

Okay, I shall stop blogging/complaining/commenting. I wrote it while working period. LOL wth !

It is super nervous if I let someone saw it..haha~~~

Chaozz and see you later ~

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Thursday, January 6, 2011
Innocent 7:35:00 AM

Love this picture so much.. super duper innocent. That's why people say "every children is an angel" <3
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
现实 2:13:00 AM



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Thursday, November 18, 2010
A little update 6:08:00 AM

Here come a very little update of me.

# I am working now. =) and so funny, I am two of the fresh grad that went in test department. If you knew me well, then you will know I seldom touch on the programming part ! Lucky me or unlucky me ? It's depend. But I prefer programming more than hands-on . It is for sure.

# My daily routine now is bath - work - eat - work - eat - lay and sleep. That's why I am fat now, and only my stomach got a spare tyre. You will scared if you see me !!

# I have my new contact lens. My last pair of old contact lens make my eyesight blur for just-god-know-why. It's is perfectly ok when I am using the previous one. so , i have to waste rm200 for 4 pairs which is very expensive. I need to change back to the cheaper one !! ps/ the new contact lens' degree is not suite for me and I have to change again.

# I missed my convocation for advance diploma. Sad ? Regret ? I am not sure did I have, all the friends that I used to hang out with when adv. are not going. Why should I sad ? I still have the degree one ! but just a little bit expensive...

# mentally exhausted. keep thinking how can I use my money wisely and smartly. Money not enough use ar ~~~!!

# Some friends are emo.. hope they get better. =)

Overall, I am still me. Hang out with my sayang and stay at home. Friends are getting busier with work and life. I miss the days that I no need earn money but I do love these days that I can feed myself.

yingjia ~

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Sunday, October 31, 2010
最幸福的事#1 5:21:00 AM



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